How to install baby car seat?

From the medical point of view and in case of accident, it turns out that the car seat is the most effective security systems. A pod bed, covered with a protective net and properly attached to the car, provides good security and also comfort to the infant (essential on long trips).

car seat1On a long drive, it is best to choose a platform bed for an infant. Indeed, the position in the car seat is not very good and should not be abused; especially for a small baby (this could “settle” the vertebrae). The platform bed is more advantageous because the baby is lying and can sleep comfortably.

This must be attached to the rear of the vehicle along the seat and covered by a safety net or a headband attachment.

Make sure a child is in its cradle without the support system closed, a child is in danger, because in case of shock, it is inevitably thrown!

For toddlers, choose the straps 5 points (2 ties in the back at the shoulders, two at the waist and one between the legs).

Group 0 (or Group 0 +): It is designed for children under 10 kg, up to 9 months. This seat must be set back to the rear at the front of the car, (unless you have an airbag for the passenger) so that his back and better support thoracic cage shocks. The head and the back of the baby are well supported. Of course, you will fix the seat with the seat belt chair (or bench). Then attach the straps on the baby shoulders by not allowing more than two fingers between his body and the past. If after this weight, your child still does not know how to sit by himself, it is strongly recommended install it in a convertible car seat installed rear-facing.

car seat2Group 1: It is suitable for children from 9 to 18 kg; 9 months to 4 years. This seat must be set against the rear, using seat belts, this time on the back seat. The child attaches the same way as in the newborn seat with shoulder straps, a loop and a metal tab.

car seat3Booster seat (or Group 2/3): This seat is for children weighing more than 13 kg, or about 3 years and up to 36 kg (about 10 years). It keeps the child seat belt on the rear seat of the car. It then straps the hips of the child (not the stomach), the belt passing the shoulder (not the neck). It would be a dangerous accident because this could cause rupture of the artery that carries blood to the head or fractures of the spine! Similarly, make sure the belt is not under his arm which would, in case of accident, compress (perhaps severely) his heart. Thereafter, do not hurry to withdraw the booster seat and use it until your child has his ear at the top of the seat of the car (or the back of his seat, if equipped).

car seat4Whatever the chosen car seat, for security, follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the car seat. Be sure to read the manual to be sure it is properly secured, because nobody is the risk of an accident!


Graco Junior Mini car seat Review

graco car seatProduct Description

The Graco Junior Mini car seat (0-18 kg) suits your child from birth to 4 years. The 5-point harness ensures its safety optimally. The belt for this car seat is easy to use and adjustable in height. It is made of a nonslip material which absorbs much of the shock during an accident. The arch support and lateral reinforcement also contribute to the protection of the child. Well reinforced sides are an additional safety harness.

Until he weighs 13 kg, the baby is walking back to the road; it can also be installed facing the road. For optimum setting of the seat, the position of the belt is shown in red or blue, depending on the installation of the seat direction, which can attach quickly and easily. The locking system allows the perfect harness attachment.

This seat has five comfortable positions for relaxing. This setting allows the baby to find a good position to sleep during car trips. The headrest and additional support at the back, easy to adjust, ensure optimum comfort. The child can sleep all the way and be well rested.

If the child has to sit for a while, the fleece cover ensures comfort and prevents the whining. And as, in general, it is nice to snack in the car, which automatically spots on the seat, the cover is removable and washable. The seat is so clean for the next outing.


  • Car seat Group 0, 1
  • Lateral reinforcement
  • Safety bar
  • 5-point safety harness with non-slip material
  • Lock
  • Installation possible back or forward facing
  • 5 possible positions relaxation
  • Headrest and adjustable back stand
  • Padded and washable cover
  • Installation direction indicated harness
  • Ages: 0-4 years